Through discussions the District Board has agreed that it would be great if we could have a "Sunshine" page .  Expanded from the original idea of just listing those members (and their family members that have contracted Covid-19.) 

The vision for the Sunshine page would be to list the chapter, member/family name, their picture if available and perhaps a short description of the issue, date and hopefully a date of recovery.  (Not necessarily in that order.)  Of course, all of this information would be an "opt in" - not mandatory.

The board asked that, if you are willing, to create a mock-up site and also jot down the process for how the information will be gathered and shared.


This website is called the LOL District Sunshine.

There are three types of pages:

1. This is the first page and is a one page Introduction.

2. The second type of page is a one page Chapter List and has all of the LOL District Chapters grouped by our three Regions (EAST REGION, CENTRAL REGION & WEST REGION).

3. The third type of page is possible multiple pages having one page per Chapter. A Chapter page will only be there if it contains information. The Chapter pages will only be asesseed from the Chapter List page. If the Chapter on the Chapter List shows that it is empty there will not be a link (full Chapter Name listed without being a link).


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